Thursday, May 8, 2014

Etsy Wedding Registries

Etsy offers such a unique opportunity for brides and grooms - to create a registry that spans any of their handmade or vintage shops and allows them to register for a million different items, all in one place.

Creating an Etsy registry is incredibly easy, and the real brilliance of it is that items can be pulled from any of the thousands of different sellers, to curate a really unique, well-suited registry that speaks volumes about them and the home they are creating.  And of course, registering this way supports independent artists and small businesses galore.

Swedish Country Interiors has been a part of a few different registries, and each time we've found it such an honor to be a part of the process of helping a couple start their life together, and assisting them in furnishing their home. And it's pretty cool to think about them using our dishes for dinner parties, holidays, and everyday meals for years to come.

This article leads you through the process of building a registry step by step, and this is where you get started, if you're interested in doing so.  It's also easy to access from the Etsy homepage--look for the link in the top, left-hand corner.

For ideas on what other couples are registering for, or to get some creative tips for decor, party favors, themes or how-to's, check out the Etsy wedding blog for a wealth of information.

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