Monday, August 18, 2014

Lots of Dots

I'm working on some new fabric designs that will soon be a new selection of pillow inserts and kitchen towels for the shop.  I've been free-form printing them instead of stenciling or screen printing, as I'm really liking the varied, imperfect look.

Lately I've really been into patterns that are geometric and simple, as I think they make a great statement in a room. They can be really nice for pairing with other busier patterns that you might already have in your home, whether of the same color, or a complimenting color.  They also add a nice touch of whimsy to a room, and keep things bright and fun, which can be great addition to a space if the decor is in danger of getting too "serious".

The fabric I'm working with is 100% unbleached cotton, made in the US, and really durable.  It is pretty similar to the fabric from the outdoor canvas pillows we sold last summer, but just a little bit less rigid.  It holds up well to a lot of use, and has a nice industrial touch to it.

Stay tuned--the finished products will be in the shop soon!