Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Defining Scandinavian Style


Lots of white.  Lots of bright.  Scandinavian style is a mixture of the the right amount of light and color.  It is the convergence of functionality and shape.  It often intermixes old and new with a little bit of irony.


Scandinavian design is often equated with being modern and stark, but such an assertion is often just a stereotype.  The key to true Scandinavian design is making a room just as functional as it is inviting.

And both are quite frequently the goal.

Not taking decor too seriously.  Adding in surprising pieces.  Putting together a room that that can be really lived in, not just looked at.

Mixing textures.  Using tones of one unifying color.  Layering without being too rigid about what results.

Spending time on the details!

Not overlooking the basics. 

Wood is in important element, often painted.  Nature is brought indoors.  


Calm and casual are key.

Don't these rooms look like they are meant to be LIVED in!?

And that, is overall, the goal.

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